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Below are the links to messages that have been preached this past week.  Messages preached in the past month are archived in the corresponding media collections.  These message are available for your personal use.  If you desire to duplicate them or to post them on your website, written permission must be obtained beforehand.  You may email the church at obt3440@bellsouth.net with your request.



Title Author Date Duration
Audio 02172016WED The Excellency Of Our Shepherd Thomas R. Brookshire Feb 17, 2016 00:30:49 Download
Continuing our series on "Living On The Level Of Encouragement" we are looking at the third of David's five "Shepherd Psalms." In this psalm we see the very essence and foundation of encouragement.
Audio 02242016WED The Excellency of our Advocate Thomas R. Brookshire Feb 24, 2016 00:38:02 Download
This is the continuation of the series on "Living on the Level of Encouragement." In this shepherd psalm, David is giving glory to God during the time of a thunderstorm. This is a picture of having a heavenly view of the storms of life.
Audio 03022016WED The Excellency Of Our Provider Thomas Brookshire Mar 2, 2016 00:32:52 Dialup Download
This is a continuation of the series on "Living on the Level of Encouragement." This is the fifth and final shepherd psalm David penned while still a shepherd. We see that the Lord is a excellent provider for His people.
Audio 03092016WED David's Key Actions In Encouragement Thomas R. Brookshire Mar 9, 2016 00:28:59 Download
This message is a continuation of the series, "Living on the Level of Encouragement." This message reveals David's actions that he is consistent in as he faces the battles of life.
Audio 04 The Excellency of The Word of God 02102016WED Thomas R. Brookshire Feb 10, 2016 00:32:11 Download
This is a continuation of messages on "Living on the Level of Encouragement" following the Shepherd Psalms. Psalm 19 reveals the excellence of the Word of God. David uses the two book of the sky and the Scriptures to show the goodness and the greatness of God.
Audio David's Prayer Of Deliverance From Saul Thomas Brookshire Mar 23, 2016 00:40:55 Download
Continuation of "Living On The Level Of Encouragement." This message covers David's prayer when he is fleeing from Saul after his messengers surround his house.
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