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Audio Sermons

Below are the links to messages that have been preached this past week.  Messages preached in the past month are archived in the corresponding media collections.  These message are available for your personal use.  If you desire to duplicate them or to post them on your website, written permission must be obtained beforehand.  You may email the church at obt3440@bellsouth.net with your request.



Title Author Date Duration
Audio 02282016AM Who Can Know The Heart Thomas R. Brookshire Feb 28, 2016 00:37:55 Dialup Download
This message deals with the deceitfulness of the heart and the only person that know the heart.
Audio 03062016AM I Am The Way, The Truth, The Life Thomas R. Brookshire Mar 6, 2016 00:30:26 Dialup Download
This is a simple message on Christ being the only way of salvation.
Audio 03132016AM The Parable Of The Barren Fig Tree Butch Hinkle Mar 13, 2016 00:29:27 Download
Butch Hinkle preaches on The Parable of the Barren Fig Tree and makes modern application to the purpose and plan for the Christian.
Audio A Mother's Faith The Did Not Quit Thomas R. Brookshire May 8, 2016 00:34:08 Download
This Mother's Day message is about the Syrophoenician woman and her persistence to the Lord on behalf of her daughter. This is a mother that did not give up, but continued with the Lord until her request was granted.
Audio At Calvary Thomas Brookshire Mar 20, 2016 00:36:06 Download
Looking at verse 33 and considering the events surrounding Calvary, there are five things we see that are of importance in relation to Calvary and the New Birth.
Audio Be Sure Your Sin Will Find You Out Thomas R. Brookshire May 1, 2016 00:38:50 Download
This message deals with the reality of sin finding you out, and how you can find out your sin first and obtain victory.
Audio Following Jesus: The Cost of Discipleship Thomas R. Brookshire Apr 3, 2016 00:40:31 Download
This message reveals the cost of discipleship, showing that knowing Christ is much more than making a mere profession.
Audio Is The Lamb, Your Lamb Thomas R. Brookshire Apr 24, 2016 00:39:02 Download
This message is on the first Passover and how it typifies salvation in Christ.
Audio Look Unto Me And Be Saved Thomas R. Brookshire Apr 17, 2016 00:39:16 Download
Look unto Christ and be saved! This is a simple text message on salvation.
Audio Overcoming The Influence Of This Generation Thomas R. Brookshire Apr 10, 2016 00:39:56 Download
This message deals with the self-centeredness of this generation and how Christians can overcome the spirit and the influence of this generation and live for Christ.
Audio The Ministry of the Resurrection Thomas Brookshire Mar 27, 2016 00:29:40 Download
This messages focuses upon Christ's ministry to the disciples and to Thomas after His resurrection. This messages closes with the ministry of The Great Commission Christ gave to the church.
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