We are certainly living in trying times, but thankfully we have a true Savior that is with us each step in our Christian walk.  Though these are uncharted waters for us, they are not for Him, who is with us in the boat, and is more than able to calm the storms without and the storms within. This Sunday we will begin our church campaign, “The Campaign Of The Twelve.”  My purpose in this campaign is to be a help and a blessing to each of you as we go forward for the Lord in these days.  My desire is to see the Lord knit us closer together and to bring us closer to the Lord, so that we can grow as a church and as Christians in these times.  For the next twelve weeks, I will be bringing messages from the Gospels, drawing from our Lord on how He encouraged and built up the disciples during His earthly ministry. 



Week 1 - Assurance of Salvation: Thomas, From Doubt To Faith
Week 2 Walking With Jesus: Take Up The Cross And Follow Me
Week 3 -  Sitting At Jesus’ Feet: Mary Chose The Good Part
Week 4 - Fisher Of Men: The Call to Catch Men
Week 5 -  In The Upper Room: Our Lord’s Ministry To The Disciples Before His Crucifixion
Week 6 - The Cross: Facing Fear, Furthering Faith
Week 7 - The Resurrection: How It Changed Everything
Week 8 - The Emmaeus Road: Jesus Ministers To The Discouraged
Week 9 - Feasting At Jesus’ Campfire: Comeback From A Setback
Week 10 - Feed My Sheep: Peter Will Never Go Backward Again
Week 11 - Go Forth: The Great Commission In Action
Week 12 - I Shall Return: The Promise Of Christ’s Soon Return


As you can see from the titles of these messages, their intent is to build us up in our relationship with the Lord and with each other; to encourage us to reach out to our fellow members of our congregation, to believers that are wandering, and to sinners that need salvation; and to revive us in our worship of the Lord, and in our participation in His work. I trust that God will greatly work in your heart as well as mine in over the next 12 weeks. 

 In Christ,

Thomas Brookshire




1. Attendance to one of the morning services, the evening service, and the Wednesday Prayer Service.  Whether you physically attend the services, listen to the radio broadcast, or tune in to Facebook Live, you will earn a token for each of these services you attend.

2. If you listen to three of the five “Daily Blessings Broadcast”, you will earn a token.

3. For every new visitor you bring to the services, or for each new person you invite to listen to one of our broadcasted services, you will receive a token for each new visitor that participates.  A new visitor is anyone that is currently not a part our our congregation, or has not participated since the beginning of the year.


If you are attending services in person, please take a card, fill it out, and turn it in the following week on the tables in the back of the auditorium.  For those that are currently not attending our services due to the pandemic, you can email your count to obt3440@bellsouth.net. Please use this copy of the tally card to calculate your points,Tally Card. The following Monday we will draw a token out of those that are collected for the previous week.  We will make that announcement in the newsletter that goes out on Tuesdays who's name was drawn. At the conclusion of the campaign, we will recognize those that have participated thoughout the campaign in the Sunday Services.


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Radio Broadcast:

Morning Message Broadcast: 102.9FM - Sundays 11:00 A.M - 12 Noon 
Daily Blessings Broadcast: WPOG 710AM & WWOS 91.9FM - Weekdays 8:30 - 8:45 AM & PM



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