Audio Sermons

Below are the links to messages that have been preached at the Orangeburg Baptist Tabernacle.  Messages preached in the past are archived in the corresponding media collections.  These message are available for your personal use.  If you desire to duplicate them or to post them on your website, written permission must be obtained beforehand.  You may email the church at with your request.



Title Author Date Duration
Audio 02282016AM Who Can Know The Heart Thomas R. Brookshire Feb 28, 2016 00:37:55 Dialup Download
This message deals with the deceitfulness of the heart and the only person that know the heart.
Audio At Calvary Thomas Brookshire Mar 20, 2016 00:36:06 Download
Looking at verse 33 and considering the events surrounding Calvary, there are five things we see that are of importance in relation to Calvary and the New Birth.
Audio Be Sure Your Sin Will Find You Out Thomas R. Brookshire May 1, 2016 00:38:50 Download
This message deals with the reality of sin finding you out, and how you can find out your sin first and obtain victory.
Audio Following Jesus: The Cost of Discipleship Thomas R. Brookshire Apr 3, 2016 00:40:31 Download
This message reveals the cost of discipleship, showing that knowing Christ is much more than making a mere profession.
Audio Is The Lamb, Your Lamb Thomas R. Brookshire Apr 24, 2016 00:39:02 Download
This message is on the first Passover and how it typifies salvation in Christ.
Audio Pride: The Downfall Of A Nation Thomas R. Brookshire May 22, 2016 00:39:55 Download
Pride is the source of over 95% of our sin. This message deals with the pride that has governed our nation, and how it has adversely affected Christians and churches.
Audio Rahab What The Grace Of God Can Do Thomas R. Brookshire May 12, 2019 00:37:23 Dialup Download
Rahab is an example of what the grace of God can do for a sinner.
Audio The Word of God's Place In Society Thomas R. Brookshire May 22, 2016 00:31:24 Download
This message shows that the Word of God is to have a prominent place in our lives, our homes, our churches, and in our society.
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