Audio Sermons

Below are the links to messages that have been preached at the Orangeburg Baptist Tabernacle.  Messages preached in the past are archived in the corresponding media collections.  These message are available for your personal use.  If you desire to duplicate them or to post them on your website, written permission must be obtained beforehand.  You may email the church at with your request.



Title Author Date Duration
Audio 01 Faith Is Faith Gives Faith Does Thomas Brookshire Apr 19, 2020 00:25:18 Dialup Download
This is the first message that introduces the series on The Superiority Of Faith. This very simple message defines faith: faith is, faith gives, and faith does. Pastor heard Sammy Kay, Pastor of Truth-Missionary Baptist Church preach this message in 1985, and had preached it throughout his ministry.
Audio 02 The Superiority Of Faith - Faith's Foundation Thomas Brookshire Apr 26, 2020 00:26:37 Dialup Download
In this second message on The Superiority of Faith, we learn of faith's foundation from Paul The Apostle in Hebrew's Hall Of Faith Introduction.
Audio 03 The Superiority Of Faith - Abraham, The Father Faith 01 Thomas Brookshire May 3, 2020 00:29:22 Dialup Download
In this third message in the series on The Superiority Of Faith, we look at Abraham's call and his response by faith.
Audio 04 Superiority of Faith - Abraham, The Father Of Faith 02 Thomas Brookshire May 10, 2020 00:28:28 Dialup Download
This is a continuation on The Superiority of Faith Series messages recently preached. This message continues on Abraham's faith and how God used this great father of faith.
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