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Below are the links to messages that have been preached at the Orangeburg Baptist Tabernacle.  Messages preached in the past are archived in the corresponding media collections.  These message are available for your personal use.  If you desire to duplicate them or to post them on your website, written permission must be obtained beforehand.  You may email the church at with your request.



Title Author Date Duration
Audio 06072020SS Live Wisely Fulfill One's Duty Thomas Brookshire Jun 7, 2020 00:18:56 Dialup Download
This is the introduction for the series of messages on the section of Proverbs (25-29) that Hezekiah's men copied and made available to the people. These proverbs are very helpful in revealing principles on living wisely and fulfilling our duties. These principles are much needed today.
Audio 06142020AM Settling Disputes Thomas Brookshire Jun 14, 2020 00:25:17 Dialup Download
This second message on duties governing relationships deals with settling disputes. In a society that is a war with itself, these principles would dramatically change our current situation, if followed. This begins in the church and among God's people.
Audio 06142020PM Guarding Your Testimony Thomas Brookshire Jun 14, 2020 00:29:57 Dialup Download
Our most valuable asset is our Christian testimony. These principles will help us build and maintain our testimony for the Lord.
Audio 06142020SS Understanding The Duties Of Rulers Thomas Brookshire Jun 14, 2020 00:25:53 Dialup Download
Proverbs 25 and Proverbs 26 outline our duties governing relationships. Proverbs 25 primarily reveal instruction on exercising our duties governing our relationship. In this message we see the duties of rulers.
Audio 06212020PM Ways of Slothful Jun 21, 2020 00:39:11 Dialup
Audio 07262020PM Cultivate Friendships Thomas Brookshire Jul 26, 2020 00:30:14 Dialup
Audio Busy Bodies Thomas Brookshire Jun 28, 2020 00:34:43 Dialup
Audio Four Deady Sins Thomas Brookshire Jul 19, 2020 00:29:16 Dialup
Audio Ways Of The Deceiver Thomas Brookshire Jul 5, 2020 00:29:10 Dialup
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